Coordinator Prof. Roberto Palombi

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Ph. D. in  Nursing Sciences and Public Health

The doctoral degree (PhD) in Nursing Sciences and Public Health consists of two different curricula, the first, for students with a Master Degree in Nursing Sciences, and the second for students with a degree in Medicine who are interested in Public Health. Both curricula convey the same vision of a modern health system, which is devoted to patients and their families, which is widespread in community settings, and which is multidisciplinary and aware of the influence that prevention, organization, and costs have on healthcare assistance.

The PhD program in Nursing Sciences and Public Health has the objectives to prepare researchers for both disciplines who are able to contribute to the development of research methodologies in the field of nursing sciences and public health. The students during their doctoral program acquire a solid foundation in the field of quantitative and qualitative research that is needed for the development of the two disciplines. During the PhD program, the students will be able to conduct observational and/or experimental studies within a multidisciplinary setting to facilitate the integration of scientific knowledge with other disciplines.

The research lines that have been activated are:
• Health and organizational well-being of nurses and health care professionals;
• Self-care in people with heart failure and other chronic diseases;
• Palliative care;
• Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Minimum Data Set;
• Quality of life in people with stroke;
• The profession of the nurse in Italy;
• Stress and burnout in nursing students;
• Adherence in people with osteoporosis.