Coordinator Prof. Pietro Salvini

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Ph. D. in Design, Manufacturing and Operations Engineering

The PhD program is intended for applicants having a superior degree (five years of University studies) on Mechanical Engineering or other equivalent degree.

The PhD program focusses on the deep knowledge of the theoretical, design and methodological aspects concerning industrial technologies. Particular attention is devoted to the most advanced and innovative procedure used in mechanical applications. Interdisciplinary knowledge will be given to applicants, all concerning a coherent scientific method, based on the synergy of modelling capabilities, experimental competence and data interpretation, so that the search of optimal solutions is likely. Above competences are always required in innovation developments, in original process technologies and in the tuning of production activities.

At the end of the three-year program the PhD students will have an advanced experience that allow him to demonstrate competences in all tasks concerning technological innovations in the mechanical field. The reference contexts are specialized Research Centers, innovative industries or any center of Research and Development involved in advanced mechanics.

In every research activity, the analysis comprehends all aspects involved in the life of product; from the design, the reliability of products, the life-end and possible reuse.

The Professor staff extends its competence towards Machine Design, Structural Analysis, Dynamic Behaviour of Structures, Mechanical Technologies, Operation Engineering, Material Science and Mechanical Measurements.