Coordinator Prof. Sandro Carocci

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Ph. D. in History and Philosophical-Social Studies

The Doctoral Program in History and Philosophical-Social Studies of the University of Rome Tor Vergata is premised on cooperation and dialogue among a number of diverse disciplines: Medieval, Modern and Contemporary History; Medieval Archeology; Economic History; History of Christianity; Political, Moral and Theoretical Philosophy; Aesthetics; and History of Science. The Doctoral Program aims primarily at educating young scholars in each of these fields and at enabling them to attain outstanding levels of competence in the methodology of research as well as in the analysis and interpretation of historical and philosophical problems.

The Doctoral Program includes two curricula: History and Philosophical-Social Studies. The History Curriculum purports to provide doctoral students with the necessary qualification for pursuing high-quality research on various aspects of social, economic, political and religious history from the late-ancient era to contemporary time. The Philosophical-Social Curriculum is designed to provide doctoral students with critical and analytical abilities in various areas of philosophy, aesthetics, political and social theory approached with a focus on contemporary debates.

Both curricula extensively draw on faculty's research-interests and expertise at the intersection of historical and philosophical disciplines with politics, law, archeology, the natural sciences, social theory, communication studies.