Coordinator Prof. Paola Sinibaldi Vallebona

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Ph D. in Microbiology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases., Organ transplantation and related diseases (MIMIT)

Educational goals

The MIMIT PhD course objective is to provide training targeted on basic microbiological and immunological knowledge and deeper understanding of specific topics, with particular emphasis on molecular aspects of pathogenesis of infectious diseases and of the host immune response to microbial insult. It also intends to train researchers experts in designing and conducting biomedical experiments, using microbiological and infective skills to implement the methodological approach of the diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with transplantation, as well as those that are developed in the hospital.

The PhD School Board is formed by Professors from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” with several specific skills, whose integration guarantees PhD students a comprehensive and advanced scientific training. The Board also includes highly qualified external teachers, belonging to Research Institutions and foreign Universities, involved in analogous and complementary research activities to those conducted at the University's reference laboratories.

The MIMIT PhD Course requires mandatory attendance at lectures, seminars and specific training courses, covering all related areas of interest, with the intent of providing a framework, for the PhD student, as much as possible embodying the clinical, surgical and infective-logical high interest problems.

The results obtained during each student’s research program are presented and discussed during scheduled meetings, designed to frame the experimental data presented in the context of the state of art of each treated topic. At the conclusion of each cycle, all the PhD students will attend a meeting in which they will have to document, by oral presentation and discussion, that they have completed the planned research activities program. The overcoming of such verification, under judgment of the PhD Board, is an essential requirement, for scholarship holders, to access the disbursement of the next annuity. Almost all the lectures and seminars are held in English.