Coordinator Prof. Anselmo Aportone

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Ph.D. in Philosophy

 The joint doctoral program in philosophy of the University of Rome Tor Vergata and the University Roma Tre aims to meet cultural needs, which are different, but complementary and equally important: it intends on the one hand, to promote the specific heritage of philosophical studies, widely articulated and rooted in a tradition of high scientific value; on the other hand, to enhance the interdisciplinary calling of philosophy, encouraging synergies with other forms of knowledge – i.e. theoretical, technical-scientific and ethical-practical ones – in accordance with recent developments of international research.

To achieve these purposes, the program promotes the critical and argumentative attitudes, which are typical of the philosophical tradition, so as to encourage public use of reason and conscious assumption of freely adopted theses and opinions.

Our doctorate in philosophy keeps many collaborative relationships with other Italian and foreign Universities and support PhD dissertations under joint supervision.
It usually gives priority to the following thematic paths:

- topics and fundamental methods of theoretical philosophy;
- studies of the historical dimensions of thought, both as regards the transformation of philosophical categories, and the hermeneutical and critical analysis of philosophical texts;
- issues of theoretical and applied ethics, as well as political and social philosophy, in order to promote intercultural dialogue too;
- aesthetic questions, as such and in their interactions with the literary and artistic fields;
- problems and issues, which tie philosophy to the natural, formal and social sciences;
- philosophy of language and philosophy of mind.