Coordinator Prof. Maria Giovanna Stasolla

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Ph.D. in Cultural Heritage and Geography

The Ph.D. in Cultural Heritage and Geography combines multiple research areas: geography, art history, archaeology, musicology, theatre and film history, and history. While respecting the specificity of each area, the doctorate is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach that underlies the formation of young scholars who have highly developed cultural and methodological competences,whether in an academic context or in operational one.

In addition to the relationship between the different areas - represented by members of the Doctoral Committee - the interdisciplinary approach of this course also features the use of technology, with particular reference to geographical and archaeological fields.

In order to achieve their learning objectives, Ph.D. students are involved in compulsory educational units: seminars, lectures by Doctoral Committee members and external lecturers from universities and other prestigious cultural institutions. In the second year, students are advised to participate in conferences and other scientific activities related to the scope of their research and authorized by their tutor. The most important undertaking on the path of every Ph.D. student is an individual research project, following a plan approved by the faculty, which must result in a written dissertation, subject to evaluation by external referees, which demonstrates the acquisition of research skills.

Another important aspect that characterizes this doctorate program is its international character, due not only to the close relationships and frequent contact which most Doctoral Committee members have with foreign universities, but also the decision to assist the international training of Ph.D. students by providing financial support for periods of study and research abroad (in the second year) through special funding.