Coordinator Prof. Fabio Stok

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Doctorate in Classics and their Tradition. Archaeology, Philology, and History

Since its establishment, the University of Rome Tor Vergata has always provided high-level education in Classics. In the last years, the PhD course in Classics and their Tradition. Archaeology, Philology, and History has permanently occupied the top places in the national rankings for the global quality of research, the excellence of the scientific publications of our young researchers and faculties, and the job opportunities obtained by our students in Italy and outside.

The disciplines taught in the PhD course in Classics and their Tradition cover a wide range of topics concerning Greek and Roman civilization, from philology to history, from archeology to topography, from epigraphy to papyrology etc. Students are encouraged to undertake innovative and engaging research under the guidance of one or more teachers, and at the same time to develop a comprehensive understanding of ancient world.

A key aspect of our education methods is the organization of monthly seminars in which students are invited to submit the results of their research to the other classmates and to faculty; on such occasions, they can also take advantage of the valuable skill of leading Italian and foreign specialists who collaborate as external or visiting professors. Every year, they can attend lectures of eminent classical scholars and spend some weeks in qualified research centers in Italy or abroad.

Finally, in order to provide the greatest possible visibility to our students’ research, they are annually invited to illustrate the interim results of their investigations in a PhD symposium.

The Coordinator

Prof. Fabio Stok