Coordinator Prof. Massimo Federici

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Doctorate in Systems Medicine

The PhD program is divided into five research areas (a) Metabolic, (b) Cardiovascular, (c) Mucosal Inflammation, (d) Clinical Oncology, (s) Respiratory.

The course will be divided in three years with compulsory course attendance during the academic year. At the beginning of the first academic year, to each student will be assigned by the coordinator, after consultation with the faculty, a research plan and a teaching supervisor in accordance with the purpose of the course.

At the end of each academic year, the PhD student will present to the faculty a formal report on its activities. Doctoral students, following the supervisors’ proposal, may be authorized by the coordinator, after consultation with the faculty,, to attend training periods at Italian or foreign laboratories to carry out some of the activities related to the achievement of the purposes of the doctorate.