Coordinator: Prof. Giuliana Allegrucci

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Doctorate in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

The program in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology offers a unique multidisciplinary training experience leading to a Doctorate degree. The Biology Department in partnership with private and public institutions in the Rome area have formed a Program that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries to offer the student the appropriate multidisciplinary research training.

Graduate students can select from research opportunities in areas as diverse as Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Ecology, Anthropology, Physiology and Genetics. In particular, the research lines concern arguments as “Molecular Evolution and Phylogeny”, “Ecology”, Biodiversity Informatics and Taxonomy”, Biotechnologies for the Environment”, “Forensic Anthropology”, “Applied Ecology”, “Biotechnology applied to Cultural Heritage”, “Natural Compounds for New Diagnostic Applications and New Active Principles” and “Human Health”.

Graduate students are expected to devote their full time to research and study. The main goal of our program consists in enabling students to become independent, creative, and productive researchers by cultivating their skills in a multidisciplinary environment.