F.A.Q. for Foreign Students      

For help on filling up the application first carefully read the following frequently asked questions. You will get no answer if the question is already contained in the FAQ.

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This page was created for applicants who have questions about, or who are unable to complete, the Pre-Admissions Application Process online.

Q. The system logged me out when I was doing the application form, what happened?
A. You have 30 minutes to complete your form (after that time the system will automatically logout for security).
Q. How can i enter my names?
A. Enter the names as they appear in your passport. Initials, if any, must be expanded. Make sure to enter your name correctly, avoiding mistakes.
Q. What should I write in my Research Proposal?
A. The Research Proposal is the portion of your application where you conceptualize how you plan to pursue your particular research interests within the framework of the PhD program.

Q. What is a List of Publications?

A. The List of Publications is a list of your academic writings. Please include any of your work that has been published. Additionally, include significant papers you have written even if they have not been published. It will be up to the PhD Coordinator to decide their relevance.

Q. When I try to attach my file to the application (Curriculum Vitae, Research Proposal, List of Publications) as a Word or as an Excel file, it tells me that my file is incorrect. Which file is acceptable?
A. Only "zip" and "rar" files are accepted. When attaching your file, please add it directly in a "zip" or "rar" format.Last, the name of the file should not be too long.
Q. When I try to insert my country of birth it doesn't appear in the drop down menu the name of it. What should i do?
A. "First click on the showning button "click here", a new window will open up on the screen; Then select in the nationality string the state from the drop down menu.
Q. When I try to send the application form, it tells me that my file is incorrect ?
A. If you trying to attach a file to the application form while an Anti-Virus program is active on your pc, it is possible our system will reject your file. We invite you to disable your Anti-Virus program and then upload your file.
Q.Who should I ask for my two required letters of recommendation?
A. When deciding who to ask for your letters of recommendation, think about past professors who you have enjoyed working with and who, most importantly, have enjoyed working with you. Try to find people with whom you have built a close relationship, who know your strengths (and your weaknesses), and someone who obviously will say nice things about you.
Q. Can I apply to more than one program? If I do, do I have to create a whole new application form for each program?
A. Yes, you can apply to more than one program but it is important to fill-out seperate application forms for each. Also, two recommendation letters must be provided for each application.
Q. Once my application and my letters of recommendation have been submitted, should I contact the University or will the University contact me?
A. The Graduate School will not contact the students who have been selected.The PhD Coordinator (or their delegates) will establish direct contact with selected candidates by email for fixing the Skype interview.
Q. How do I set-up a Skype account in order to participate in the Skype interview?
A. It’s free and easy to set-up a Skype account. Just visit the Skype website (http://www.skype.com/intl/en/) and click on "Download Skype." From there you just have to follow the simple directions to set-up your account. NOTE: A Skype account is mandatory.